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Your Own Private Island in Belize

We recently came across this property on Airbnb and we instantly fell in love. A private island all to yourself and what makes it even better is that its actually quite affordable as opposed to many other private islands around the world. It averages around $395 per night. "Stay on your own in a truly private island on a beautiful atoll, with excellent swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and exploring - with all the comforts. Bird Island has been featured in many publications; it was the opening act in Airbnb's 'Like This, Live There' 2016 campaign. Bird Island is perfectly described by the reviews left by past Airbnb guests that have stayed on it already" To see more pictures, visit Airbnb and request booking now! Send us pictures from your own private island in Belize to Beautiful Purpose Events. We want to see this private island through your eyes! Go big or stay home!


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