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ME Cabo - A Slice of Heaven

If you ever get the opportunity visit Los Cabos, Mexico, we must recommend staying at ME Cabo. "This lifestyle resort is situated on the only swimmable beach in Los Cabos, overlooking the famous El Arco. It is just a short walk from the marina, shops, bars and restaurants." The hotel has recently been updated and we were more than happy with the new renovations. This hotel used to be an adult only hotel when we first visited but now it allows children. Honestly, we recommend just visiting this hotel without the little ones. Maybe in the future it will be more child friendly but currently we enjoy it much more without the little ones around. What is also great about this hotel is that it's super close to downtown that has cool bars and night clubs. It's also close to the El Arco, short boat ride. The El Arco is a great day trip where you can hang on a private beach and tour the El Arco. Bring drinks, food, music and cash with you as we made that mistake of going empty handed the first time. You will not be disappointed with this hotel. It is definitely BPE approved. If you are interested in visiting this hotel, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will connect you with the best to ensure your stay is beautiful and purposeful!


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